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Anonymous said: A few months ago, I finally acknowledged my attraction to one of my same-sex friends just to myself. Since then, I was 75% sure that I was bisexual or at least biromantic. But whenever I flirt with someone of the same sex, I get a lot more nervous and more uncomfortable than normal. Is it because I'm forcing it? I honestly kind of hope that I'm just straight and bicurious because I see a lot of bisexuals being harrassed about their sexuality and I just don't want to be a part of it.

see, that there’s the problem. maybe you are bisexual and you’re just hoping you aren’t because you don’t want to be harassed about it and that’s not okay. embrace who you are, love. if you like dudes and chicks, more power to you!

i personally think it’s just because you don’t want to be bisexual. for me, i used to get very very nervous around girls too because it almost feels like it’s not the same type of relationship as a straight relationship. i don’t know why i would get weirded out, but i would. it wasn’t because i was forcing it or anything, it was just because the only thing running through my head was “how will other people treat me if this girl and i actually start dating?” and that shouldn’t be how it is but it was.

after a while though, i kinda just stopped caring what people thought and dating a few girls anyways but it might’ve also helped that i live in a really open city who accepts gays and whatnot. we don’t get a lot of harassment here.

TL;DR: just embrace who you are, dear! if you’re bisexual, own it :)

hope i’ve helped!


Anonymous said: Hi, so, recently I've been questioning my sexuality. Like before a while ago I never would have even thought about being anything other than straight. I'm extremely confused. Like I see a cute guy and I'm like 'damn, he's hot.' Then I see a cute girl and I'm like 'damn, she's hot too.' But I like idk if it's just like 'wow she's hot I want to be her' or if it's 'wow she's hot I want to be on her' hopefully you can answer this, thanks(:

oh dear, i honestly couldn’t tell you. this isn’t something that someone one can tell you because we can’t feel what you’re feeling.

some things to consider might be “can i see myself BEING with them?” and “can i see myself DOING THINGS with them?” if you can see yourself in a relationship with both genders, you might be bi!

hope i’ve helped at least some!


Anonymous said: Do you ever feel that sometimes you swing harder towards men and sometimes harder towards women? Like every few months your focus kind of switches? If so, how do you reconcile this/do you know why this happens?

Yes! Definitely. For me personally I am doing this all the time. There is a term called ‘fluid’ whether that is gender or sexuality. Fluid is when you don’t stay on one side or oriented one way exclusively. That means that you will be in different points of the Kinsey Scale at different points in time. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. It is perfectly normal for many people. I think what best is to accept that you have different interests. It doesn’t have to be a scary thing. Think of it as one month you are really into reading but then next month you are just crazy about drawing and the month after that you switch back. It’s really normal. Humans like change, most of us anyway.

I don’t know the reason why this happens, and I’m not sure if there has been a lot of research done on fluidity. But I know that it’s totally okay. The best thing is to honestly just go with the flow. You never know what things will bring you.

I hope that helped. If you ever need to talk again our ask is always open.

- Alex

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this is kind of nsfw so just for everyone’s safety i put this under a cut.

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Anonymous said: sometimes I think other girls are really hot and have fantasies I've actually had something I guess is a crush on one of my friends and wonder is it easier to date a girl but don't see myself getting married with one , I kinda wanna experiment but wanna keep it on the dl , what to do?

go about it as you would with any other person you would want to date but just make sure the person who you’re dating knows that you’re unsure of it and you’d like to keep it on the downlow for a little bit. sexuality is a scary thing to venture out into and hopefully they’ll understand where you are coming from. as long as you are completely upfront about your intentions, i’m sure they’ll understand :)

best of luck to you


Anonymous said: I am beyond confused and needing helpful guidance. Here's the thing, I'm uncertain about my sexuality. I've never been with the same gender but I have had crushes as well as sexual fantasies about being with a woman. I could see myself with either a male or female but everyone says I'm just confused. It's either you're 'gay' or 'straight'. Please help.

sexuality really is confusing, ain’t it? here’s my advice.

are you bisexual? have you tried asking yourself that? if you identify as bisexual, it’s as easy as that. i can’t tell you whether or not you’re bisexual but know that bisexuality does exist, as you can tell by this whole page of wonderful people answering your questions. we’re real.

maybe you are confused for now, because god is sexuality confusing! but just be aware that bisexuality is real!

best of luck!


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Anonymous said: I discovered I had a crush on a guy bestfriend in eighth gr. When I went to hs,lost contact and never really interested in people but knew I was attracted to boys&girls but never wanted to date any of them. Now I started to date a girl Ive been close friends with over a yr. & didn't notice I liked her til everyone told me we were obvs so my first realtionship started and I feel all these urges I never felt for a person. Am i bisexual if I never felt sexual attraction except 4 her?

Its difficult to say if you are bisexual or not because it is up to you to decide that. What i can say is that bisexuality is when you are attracted to two or more genders romantically or sexually. If you feel you fit with this definition then you are. But there are also a lot of different identifications a person can have. For example demisexual, pansexual, biromantic, etc.
I would suggest researching some of these different identities and see where you fall. It is for you to decide what you feel comfortable labeling yourself as, if you choose any label.
Hope this helped.

Anonymous said: Hi guys! I kinda have a problem. I am straight, but recently I've been wanting to be bisexual? Like, I want to date girls and boys. I'm not sure if this is just a phase, but... Please don't hurt me, I'm not trying to offended anybody. Is it bad that I want to be bisexual? Please answer soon, I really need to know if this is okay. ( I'm a girl btw) thank you so much!!!

Hey there, when I here people say they want to be bisexual I think one of two things. The first is that they are bicurious and the second is that they may be unsure of their sexuality. I know that there are a lot of instances where people say they are bisexual in order to attain attention from their peers but I don’t usually come across that when people are saying things like they want to be bi, it’s more when they claim to be. It is not bad per say. It may just mean that you are sincerely curious. And that is totally fine! I think what may be best for you is to explore why you want to be bisexual. Maybe do some research on sexuality and think about your own sexuality. You may also want to look into the term “biromantic”. If you only want to date boys and girls you may be biromantic, though I cannot tell you that as it is for you to discover. 

I would recommend looking into sexuality and terms like biromantic and see how they fit with your identity. 

I hope this helped. If you need anything feel free to message use again.

- Alex

Anonymous said: I have my first date with a girl this week, and I've only dated guys (really just one guy) in the past. Are there different "rules"/expectations in dating situations involving two girls as opposed to a girl and a guy? Any advice or tips?

To be perfectly honest with you just be yourself. Usually when dating someone you fall into certain roles based purely on personality and not gender. Just let things happen. If you find yourself being the more submissive one in the situation thats fine, if you find yourself being more dominant that’s fine as well. I think two people will generally find a good balance between themselves and it will happen.

Just be you and try not to think to hard about things. Personally when I went on dates with girls I found myself overthinking it and it would usually end badly. I think because as a society we are so used to the male doing this and the female doing this we want to assume specific roles. But really if you just let things happen as they feel right to happen then things will work out. Just feel the moment and let her be herself as well.

Hope everything went/ will go well.

- Alex

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