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Anonymous asked: Hey so I don't know if I can be "labeled" as bisexual but since months ago I started hating men because of my past relationships. Then I started college, I'm slowly falling for this girl who is also a bi problem is she has a complicated relationship with another girl. How do you think I can get her attention?

The same way you’d get the attention of the opposite sex! Or do things you wish people would do for you!

Anonymous asked: Im not too sure how ive been feeling. But the first person I ever went with was a girl and I loved her but when I try being with a guy we did some stuff but I never felt much for them. I dont really know what I am.. Im starting to have feelings for this other girl

Give it some time… you may not have met the right person or you could be on your way to figuring things out. Remember, sexuality is fluid and just fr you.

Anonymous asked: Hello :) I am having a bit of trouble telling 3 friends I am bisexual. I have told others and they are very accepting but these three make me grow this fear of not telling them. Two of them are just extremely uncomfortable with this subject and are the same way around my LGBT friends. The other has been my friend since Kinder and has even accepted me as an athiest (She is a devoted Christian) but she cannot seem to grasp the fact someone could be LBGT. How would I approach this? Thank you! c:

A lot of times someone’s reaction when  it doesn’t directly affect them is different than when it does, like a friend. True friends look past things like that, anyway! x


Hi all,

Sorry for the inactivity. I just want you all to know if you have a pressing/urgent question, use my ask box and I’ll reply within the day!


Ashley x

Anonymous asked: Hi! I'm a female and I've recently (in the past week) started to identify as bi. I'm kind of still in a wish washy stage though, so that is where my question comes in. I have found that I am only attracted to certain breast types and I don't know if picky is the word but I'm just not attracted to every set of boobs I see. This feels like a dumb question, but is this normal?

Of course!!! Do you think men just enjoy EVERY pair of boobs they see? Maybe to an extent, but it’s not like they’re attracted to every set haha.

Anonymous asked: Hi. oh god dammit I'm actually doing this so...hi :) I'm 16 in a few days, female. I think -or know- that I am bisexual. I've come across this topic a few months ago and it's been on my mind ever since. I am clearly physically attracted to both guys and girls. But I have never been with a girl, though I really want to. I can perfectly imagine loving a girl. This all seems so simple. But when I think of the term bisexual it gets so big and I get afraid a bit. Help?

Instead of being afraid when you think of the word, be happy! It’s like a warm, loving community of people ;)

Anonymous asked: My sister mentioned that she thought she might be bisexual a couple of months ago. It was very brief and I didn't get to say anything about it. She hasn't mentioned it since. She doesn't really share things with me, but can you think of a way I could bring this up? Should I leave her alone? I want her to know I respect her for who she is. And because sexuality isn't covered at school, I'm also afraid she might have to rely on hearsay and misinformation to figure herself out, instead of facts.

Aw, it’s really really sweet that you’re showing you care, and I think your sister will see that in whatever way you bring it up. Just showing you’re interested might be nice, as it’ll give her a chance to talk about it. You could always watch a movie together where the character is bi, that’s a good segue. 

Anonymous asked: A person who's not necessarily attracted to more than one gender but might imagine or wouldn't mind e.g. being in a relationship with someone from a similar/same/different gender - might they be technically bi then or is it an insufficient criteria since e.g. behaviour is seemingly ≠ orientation etc.?

That’s a big philosophical question, and personally (as a personal opinion is all I can give, there is no right or wrong) I think that would technically mean they’re bi, and perhaps never bothered labelling it.

Anonymous asked: Any advice for coming out to my friend tomorrow?

Be proud and confident!

mikuhats asked: I'm a freshman girl. I find both genders attractive but romantically speaking I would rather be in a relationship with a girl. Is that still bi-sexuality? Also I told my two closet friends this, which they're cool about it, but I'm scared, no TERRIFIED, of telling anyone else, especially my family. Lastly, I really want a girlfriend, to be in a relationship but no other females at my school like girls. (not that I would just date anybody) Sorry if these questions are stupid. :(

Your questions are not stupid! Yes, for all intents and purposes, it is bisexuality! You don’t have to tell anyone until you’re completely ready. Classmates may figure it out themselves, which is okay, but you don’t have to tell your family for as long as you want. The last point you make is a little more difficult. Start doing things outside of school, like extra-curriculars at your library or if you’re an internet person, start joining some forums or chatrooms.

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